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India's leading best digital marketing agency in Bangalore. We are specialist in SEO Services, Social Media Marketing & Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign. Our services cover everything from strategy through to design, development and product launch.

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DNS Developers is that the creation of Nirav Langhanoja. The Company was started in 2012 and has expanded to incorporate atiny low however dedicated team of developers, Designers, Content Writers and SEO(Google) Specialists. Web and Mobile Apps Development with SEO services offers the whole bespoke resolution from style to development of your Google friendly internet website.

Our team of creatives and technical strategists work with brands across a range of digital marketing projects like SEO, SMO, CRO, ORM, Online branding & PPC consultancy: Paid Search marketing and Paid Social Ads. We delivering targeted leads to your business and building your brand. DNS Developers - best digital marketing Agency delivering real business results with transparency for our clients.

We offers the whole bespoke resolution from style to development of your Google(SEO) friendly website. When we decided to form DNS Developers we wanted to provide a transparent service, which clearly defined its objectives and our abilities for our clients. For instance we will only take on a few clients in any given industry sector so as to prevent any conflict of interest. Here Our Some positive points for Why We are Success in IT Field. i) Expertise is Our Passion, ii) Experience is Our Work and iii) Client Satisfaction is Our Goal, iv) Time Frame is Our Manner

We design & develop outstanding enterprise

best mobile apps development


As one of Dubai's leading app developers we were there at the very birth of mobile apps in 2012 and our apps were some of the first to hit the App Stores. Things have come a long way since then and over the last 4 years we've continued to refine our processes, to innovate and to push the boundaries of technical possibility.

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Our Services

Mobile Consultancy

Best Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

We can help develop mobile strategies to attract, interact and transact with your customers, recommending the right solutions to deliver results.

Enterprise Mobility

Android Apps Development in Dubai, UAE

Our enterprise mobility offering comes with enterprise-ready features to provide best security, easy-to-use development tools to help implement and manage enterprise mobility.

Application Development

Mobile Apps Development in Dubai, UAE

Our team has been building mobile solutions for over 10 years. This experience means we can deliver fully integrated solutions across all major platforms.

User Interface Design

iOS Apps Development in Dubai, UAE

It’s no good having great functionality in an application if it’s not also a great design! Taking you from initial user experience wireframe all the way through to high fidelity designs.

Responsive Design

Mobile Apps Design in Dubai, UAE

Responsive website design is the best method to serve your website in a consistent manner to your users accessing the website on a multitude of devices.

Mobile Strategy

Mobile Apps Development in Dubai, UAE

With the impressive rise of smart mobile technology it may soon become unthinkable to have a business without having an app. Brand investment in apps is accelerating, with brands.

Mobile Apps Marketing

Mobile Apps Development in Qatar, UAE

We can help you will explore the current best practices for marketing mobile applications including Social Media campaigns with paid and organic campaigns.

Support and Maintenance

Mobile Apps Development in Dubai, UAE

Mobile Marketing provides unrivalled levels of targeting and reporting but a campaign has seconds to capture the attention of your recipients making content and visual impact of key importance.

Digital Specialist

Digital Marketing Services

Best Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

We work with marketers and business directors to help shape a digital strategy which is focused on getting you the results you need. Let us provide a fresh look at the best digital marketing channels that will help you grow your business online & social media platforms.

Expert PPC Consultancy

Expert PPC Consultancyin Dubai

Our team of PPC experts works closely with our development teams to build intelligent scripts that enables a programmatic approach to paid advertising across a range of channels. We focus on maintaining a string of relevance from keyword through ad copy to landing page.

Mobile Apps Marketing & SEO

Mobile Apps Marketing & SEO Services in Dubai

Mobile Marketing provides unrivalled levels of targeting and reporting but a campaign has seconds to capture the attention of your recipients making content and visual impact of key importance. We will boost your search engine ranking through a combination of SEO

Reputation Management

Reputation Management Dubai

We can help you clean up your online profile and remove negative listings from the front page of all Search Engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing. As the social networks look to generate more revenue, marketers are having to pay to achieve big social results.


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